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Loading :: ١з - 240GB 2.5" SATA3 Toshiba-OCZ TR150 | ྪúó
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240GB 2.5" SATA3 Toshiba-OCZ TR150 | ྪúó

駡з   ͺз ˹ҡдҹѡ -> ԡèѴ㹡ا෾ EMS .084-959-9000 Ѵ觿
١з͹ :: ١зѴ  
Customer Support

: Sep 24, 2014
ͺ: 3951

ͺͺ: Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:23 pm    ͡з: 240GB 2.5" SATA3 Toshiba-OCZ TR150 | ྪúó ͺзͧ¤Ӿٴ(quote)

ѴºǹФѺ ͺسԡäѺ

Թкԡâͧ ӡѴӹǹ鹵㹡觫 Ѵ觿:
RAM and SSD upgrade -> Server, Workstation, Mac, Notebook, Desktop PC
Server Options -> Processor, Hard Disk, Network Card, Storage Controller, Power Supply

_________________ .02-641-0055 / 084-959-9000
Update Ҥش! ͺ/ʹҤ ԤѺ!

ʴǹǢͧҪԡ 觢ǹ Ҫ䫵
駡з   ͺз ˹ҡдҹѡ -> ԡèѴ㹡ا෾ EMS .084-959-9000 Ѵ觿 Ѻ GMT + 7
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"" ѹԴ... ѴеԴ駶֧ Office EMS ǻ . 084-959-9000
RAM and SSD -> Server, Workstation, Apple Mac, Notebook, Desktop PC : Server Options -> Processor, Memory, SAS HDD, Storage Controller, Power Supply, Spare Part
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